Five Points Promotions - Agency for advertising material

Founded by long term advertising professional Gerhard Mittermaier in 2014, Five Points Promotion focuses on all steps of production - from the first idea to the final product. How do our customers benefit from this integrated one stop solution? Five Points offers the best solution that guarantees quality, advisory and custom advertising material tailored to your personal and professional marketing needs.


Five Points operates as a trader, service and logistics company to provide our customers with every advantage possible. Five Points relieves its customers from all kinds of responsibilities regarding their promotional products.

Five Points - Video (Production of classic milk glass in Austria)

Five Points cultivated one of Austria's design classics: the milk glass. The Classic Milk Glass became well known all around the country and was established as a cultural symbol in the 1970s. With the help of Five Points in 2017, its resurgence was made possible. Five Points took every effort to make this comeback an astonishing success. (German version)